We have the tools to do what the "so called" big boys say they can do, but we can do it because we service one property at a time without a time limit or an employee revenue goal for each day.


We treat each property as our own and when we are on site we do whatever is necessary to maintain that property to the agreed standards of each community, Board of Directors and property managers.

We use the tools of education and new product knowledge to perform to a higher standard and keep our costs competitive while providing cutting edge treatments in the pest control and fertilization fields.

  • All of our employees are fluent in English.
  • All of our employees are certified and carry Department of Agriculture identification cards.
  • All of our employees have a minimum of 5 years experience in this industry and the average tenure is 10 plus years.
  • All service calls are handled within 48 hours or less but the usual time is 24 hours and we have strong references to this.
Our synergy is "Win-Win" promoting personal integrity and life skills that are accommodating.